Leadership Wisdom From the Monk Who Sold His Ferrari – Rituals 2 and 3

The second ritual from the Monk who sold his Ferrari is called the Ritual of Human Relations or, in the words of the Monk, how to “Manage by Mind and Lead by Heart.”

The wisdom of this ritual leans on the fact that every visionary leader deeply connects with his followers. This stems from the fact that one of the deepest of all human hungers is the need to be cherished and understood. As leaders, let our humanity shine at work and treat people with courtesy and kindness.

What are the actions that help us fulfill this ritual?

  • Keep promises
  • Sincere listening
  • Being consistently compassionate
  • Tell the truth

Every visionary leader has mastered the practice of deeply connecting with his/her followers. He/She has refined the art of clarifying his/her vision for the benefit of his/her people in a way that fully engages and stirs them into action. Through their people skills and talents as effective communicators, visionary leaders touch the hearts of their team and earn long-term loyalty. Simply put, when you enrich the relationship, you enhance the leadership.

The third ritual from the Monk who sold his Ferrari is called the Ritual of Team Unity or, in the words of the Monk, “Reward Routinely, Recognize Relentlessly.”

The wisdom of this ritual asserts that great leaders are great teachers and great coaches. Great leaders must reward and recognize employees regularly by giving genuine appreciation. By doing so, great leaders always get more of what they reward. After all, praise is free.

What are the practices that help us fulfill this ritual?

  • Hunt for good behaviour
  • Use public opportunities for rewarding and recognizing
  • Establish Symbols of Victory and team traditions

Visionary leaders understand that individuals who feel they are valued members of an exciting team will go the extra mile and give their best. If we practice this ritual by rewarding routinely and recognizing relentlessly, they will invest their spirits in our organization. They will begin to see themselves as part of a larger whole. That is when our organization will become unstoppable.


About alby59

Alberto has a 25-year plus career in Local Government which began as City Manager in Italy. He currently serves as Chief Administrative Officer for the District of Lake Country in beautiful Central Okanagan BC. In addition, Alberto is Adjunct Professor to the Political Science Department of the University of Northern British Columbia and teaches a variety of local government related courses. He has developed a series of lectures on Leadership and Ethics and is designing a Project Management course aimed at Local Government and public sector practitioners. Very active in both his professional and academic life, Alberto has served as President of the Local Government Management Association of BC and the Association of Records Management Administrators of BC and Yukon. He also served as member of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) Tsunami Recovery Committee for the reconstruction of communities and local governments in Sri Lanka and Indonesia hit by the 2004 Tsunami and managed an FCM capacity building program with the City of San Fernando, La Union in the Philippines while with the Township of Langley. Alberto has earned facilitator certifications with Franklin Covey and Cognitive Edge, and continues to foster his interest in personal education and professional development. He is an avid reader, music lover, and science fiction movie aficionado. He plays guitar and piano for fun and sings with his wife and his children. He is also very active in his church and community being a former Rotarian and currently serving as the Second Counselor in the Thompson Okanagan (Vernon Stake) Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. However, his most important interest is his family: his wife Silvana and their two children Victor and Grace.
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