I was away for two weeks and before that I was very busy at work so I apologize for not writing for some time. However, in pondering over the busy time at work and the great support that I have from staff, my mind raced back to my readings of Stephen Covey’s writings.

In addressing the habit of ‘Being Proactive’, Dr. Covey tells the story of Kyambadde Stone, a former soccer player from Uganda. He was a very successful soccer player and was admired by many professionals and team scouts. His dream was to play for a European soccer team and the national team. One day, while he was playing an important game, an opponent purposely struck him from the back and tore his knee ligaments putting an end to his career. In a country where revenge is a way of life, Stone could have reacted to this tragedy with a vengeful attitude or he could have simmered in self-pity for the rest of his life. Instead, he immediately told his opponent that he forgave him and that he did what he had to do and turned his focus to help the young people in his neighbourhood and town to find a purpose.

Dr. Covey said of him: “With unrelenting passion, he has reached to the young men in his country so that day could learn to govern their own lives, gain a vision of becoming professional soccer players, then becoming economically self-reliant, responsible adults, fathers and contributing citizens.”

His life, passion and ability to respond to the challenges of losing his career and turning around his life are portrayed in the following video prepared by the Franklin Covey Group and Cornerstone Development.


One thought on “Stone

  1. It’s good to see you back. Good post. Are you going to be around Vancouver these days? I’ll like to see you and the family …


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