We Do Not Know Everything

In this time and age of frenetic information downloading and uploading, which is revolutionizing the way we communicate, we seem to have somewhat lost the ability of true learning. Successful individuals and true leaders are teachable people. They are willing to walk the extra mile to learn more skills and new knowledge. However, they also know that they need more than just information as learning is truly a holistic experience.

Nuclear physicist Richard G. Scott stated: “You can learn vitally important things by what you hear and see and, even more by what you feel…Many individuals limit their learning primarily to what they hear or read…Write down in a secure place the important things you learn [by perception, observation, and feeling]…You will find that as you record a precious impression, often others will come that you would not have otherwise received.” (Richard G. Scott – “To Learn and to Teach More Effectively” – Brigham Young University Education Week, 2007). How true! Real learning is tied to personal experience. Theoretical learning can give you the information you need but until you put that information into practice, you will not be able to know whether it is truly useful. The expression “My gut is telling me something” is really an expression of subconscious feedback based on observation, feeling, hearing and seeing paired with knowledge and information collected throughout the course of time.

I have had the privilege to know a few people that have constantly applied these principles in their lives. They have become an example for me or, in the words of one my favourite authors, Stephen R. Covey, a “transition figure”. These people have learned how to break unhealthy negative behaviours and replace them with proactive, helpful and effective behaviour. These persons model positive behaviour and pass on effective habits that strengthen and build others in positive ways. I recorded a few things from observing them throughout the years. They are very successful at what they do and, although they may be afflicted by trials and tribulations – the so-called hardships of life – they find the learning points from those and move on, teaching themselves and others what they learned.

Eleanor Roosevelt said: “Nothing can make you feel inferior without your consent.” Ghandi also said: “They cannot take away our self-respect if we do not give it to them.”

My hope is that we all may be transition figures as time goes by. The times we live show every day that there is a desperate need for those.



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