What Leader Are You?

This week I had the pleasure to participate to the “Building Sustainable Communities” conference organized by the Fresh Outlook Foundation in Kelowna. The Conference was extremely interesting and varied, something that has become rare in these occasions. There were a number of courageous moves by the organizer on the variety of subjects offered to the delegates. First of all there were 130 speakers. This is something that other organizers would tell is a bit ambitious and could create some headaches. But it worked. However, the most courageous move, for me, was to see that one of the workshops was about spirituality and its connection to sustainability. Actually spirituality and religion. It was very refreshing to see that, in a world of aseptic politically correct topic delivery, the delegates were given an opportunity for real debate. It turned out to be one of the best well attended sessions and I did not see any ‘fireworks’ going on. The content was also very interesting and presented in a professional, scientific manner. Joanne De Vries, the organizer, had a lot of courage to stand and introduce the speaker by validating her personal Christian belief and, at the same time, the openness to other spiritual ideas. I have written many times, in my blog, about the balance you need to have in life in four areas of renewal: physical, mental, social/emotional, and spiritual. So, I was extremely pleased when I was given the opportunity to choose something different at the conference.

All this made me reflect on the type of leaders we are. Joanne is certainly a leader. She takes action and she is not afraid to take a stance or to stand for what she believes. Some leaders are content oriented, they are focussed on the message and put a lot of value on the strength of what they propose. They believe that the message itself carries the strength to gain momentum and gather support. Other leaders are action oriented, they take the initiative because they believe in the message and desire that others could see it that way. Their message could change and their ideas evolve. I would suggest that a true leader has a holistic approach to life and sees all its facets. A true leader is also someone who sees things as they should be by valuing what they are. And you? What kind of leader are you?

I wish to share a video that may help you decide and act accordingly. Enjoy it!




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