The Value of Time

I found the following thoughts intriguing and true. Let me share them with you and then I wish to add a couple of my thoughts:

“Time…Where will it take you?…and what value does your time have? To realize the value of a year, ask a woman whoa was just diagnosed with cancer. To realize the value of a month, ask the parents of a premature child.

What is the value of a day? Ask a daily wage worker with a family to feed. The value of an hour? Ask two lovers who anxiously wait to meet. The value of a minute? Ask the person who missed the last train home.

To realize the value of a second, ask the person who just survived a car accident. To realize the value of a millisecond, ask the athlete who came in second, or the athlete who won the gold.

What is the value of your day, month, or year? The value of time is the value of life.”

The Greek philosopher Diogenes Laertius once said: “Time is the image of eternity.” How true. For me, time is a great leveler. It teaches me to be patient but proactive at the same time. Exact for as much as I can but recognizing that I am not perfect and that I am here to learn. Living with integrity knowing that I make mistakes and that I should learn from them and move on without making the same mistakes all over again. Humble, recognizing that I am but a small pebble in the vast sand of humanity that surrounds me.

We are a marvelous system in itself. It reminds of a clock movement – a functional term for the components of a timepiece. Each part encased within a watch or clock quietly measures portions of a lifetime without much notice. Is the ‘movement’ of our inner life congruent with that of our outer life? If not why not? I often think if I am aligned. I realize that inner balance is a daily exercise and does not always work. But it is worth it.

Please, ponder over these thoughts and watch the following beautiful video, which made me think about the perspective of time.



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