Private Victory 2

I have been away, but here’s the second and final part of Dr. Covey’s Private Victory discussion.

“Synergy is the fruit, the spirit of win-win, of mutual benefit, mutual respect and of mutual understanding through communication, through listening to each other genuinely. In fact, in life public and private victory’s are going on continuously all the time. Challenges both private and public, all the time, they’re going on. You’ll know that you have accomplished a certain level of private victory when you’re able to in a very difficult moment listen to another person genuinely when you really want to be understood. You’ll know that you’ve accomplished a certain level of a private victory when you genuinely feel respect for another person and want them to win in some way. You don’t see life as a contest. You’ll know that you’ve achieved a private victory when in the interaction between people. You become extremely open to each other’s influence and you get very creative meaning synergistic. Because synergy is not cooperation, it’s creative cooperation. That means you’re producing new options, new alternatives. You’ll know you’ve achieved a certain level of a private victory when you can achieve that. So when you’re establishing your goals I encourage you, to join with other people and to be accountable to them. So that they can encourage you, support you, affirm you, validate you, and you can do the same thing for them. They may be the same goals as with my friend, out running 5:30 in the morning, when it was dark, and cold. See we had the same goal, but sometimes you don’t have the same goals. That small study group in my university classes they all had different goals. But they shared them, they were open to each other. They became authentic, they became real, they talked to each other genuinely, they thought out loud in each others presence, didn’t happen over night, it took time. But it happened, it’s a natural progress. You get the roots going, you’ll get the fruits.

Now when you get this kind of accountability, support, affirmation towards your goals toward what you’re trying to do in the private victory. I’ll tell ya, you’ve got the supreme process going you’ve got such social affirmation, such validation that it is really exhilarating, and you get a group spirit going. A real team spirit, you’re happy for each other’s successes, you’re thrilled for each other’s successes, you’re involved in each other’s successes. Why? You’re giving accountability to each other on a regular basis. These represent the public victory activities. We’ll go much deeper into this at a later time. I just want to put together how these seven habits join together to enable you to set and
accomplish a worthy goal and I encourage you four of them, one for each part of your nature.”



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