Hello world!

This is new for me but exciting. I have many interests so I will write about many different things. I love politics. I work in and have a passion for local government and organizational behaviour, Leadership models, religion and spirituality. But I also love history, archaelogy and music. So I will not stick to one topic, but I will write as I feel. Also, I will write both in English and Italian for my Italian friends. I hope I can have some feedback. If not, it will be fun anyways.



19 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. I will definitely be following your blog, Uncle Alby. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have been enjoying writing for mine. I look forward to the next post!

    1. Thank you Alex. How can I post a comment on your Blog? I went there twice but I can`t find a spot where to write some thoughts back at you

  2. This is new for me as well. As you probably know, Ihave accumulated over the years quotations from several people. I have also recorded on 2 pages only so far, personal feelings and thoughts I have had over the years. This is probably why I have enjoyed reading your feelings and also because it comes from you. Definitely look forward to your next message. Take care.


    1. Thank you JP. I think you have a lot to offer and so you should start one of these blogs yourself. There are many members of the church that use blogs to spread the word of the restored Gospel. You can certainly share some of your experiences. I received your phone call and I will call you as soon as I can. In the meantime, everything is well

  3. Thank you JP. You should also have an on-line blog as I am sure you have much to share. I did receive your phone call, by the way. Always happy to help.

  4. Hey Alberto: What a novel idea. I’m sure you will have a lot more interesting thoughts to come. The thing about the “Goldilocks syndrome” is the strange fact that although it has the burn out factor once a person gets through it and is okay they miss the thing that burnt them out in the first place. Your old friend Jon. PS sure miss walking into your office just to chat.

    1. Hi Jon, I sure miss your visits to my office and the good thoughts we used to share. Thank you for your comment and I agree with what you said. I’ll elaborate, hopefully, more in my next bvlog

  5. Uncle Alby? I really like the sounds of that! The last time that I saw you was at the train station in Taranto in March 1980. I really look forward to following your blog, and observing the changes from the 20-year-old mind you had then, into the 50-year-old mind of present. I’ve also hit my 50th, and my thoughts are still mostly stuck in my mind, trying to find a way out. By following your blog, maybe I will also become inspired to try something similar. Keep the thoughts coming!

    1. Hey Bob, I remember that night in March 1980, too. 30 years are a long time but inside I feel the same. I am certainly more ‘mature’ (…not) but porsterity will say. Ciao

  6. Well my good friend you have found a way to ferret out some old acquaintances and buddies in a world seemingly in turmoil. Never mind Goldilocks, or even the three bears. I just want the porridge. As someone who is self employed the essential battle comes down to survival and that’s where we are right now. The challenge comes in finding work, satisfying clients and feeling good aboput a project on completion.

    I will try to apply my feeble brain to your academic challenges and see where this leads us. Thanks for your blog and pass the porridge.

    Ray D.

    1. Ray, You are making me think and what you are saying is critical. So I’ll try to pass the porridge rather than mess with the portions.

  7. I tried to send you my thoughts but somehow, I lost all the information. I don’t know if you received what I had written but if you have not, here it is.

    I like to think and reflect and this is why I enjoy reading what you share with the rest of us. I am not sure that what I will write will help but if it does even a little then it is worth it.

    The key words/ideas from your message and the responses you received are:
    1) BALANCE, and

    1) BALANCE
    Sometimes RCMP applicants ask me for advice. Whey they do, I usually share the following. I tell them that when I retired from the RCMP as a regular member, a Corporal asked me if I had any advice for the young members who are starting their careers. I said to him “Tell them that one day, they will retire from the RCMP, and when they do:
    A) if they no longer have a spouse
    B) if their children no longer speak to them
    C) if their bank account is nearly empty, (half of their pension goes to their ex spouse), and
    D) if they are in poor health because they worked, and worked, and worked (long hours)
    Then why are you doing this?
    a) tell them to have BALANCE in their life. When their spouse realize that that they are no longer “number one”, it is often the beggining of the end. When you leave the office, stop thinking about work.
    b) tell them to ENJOY THE JOURNEY, and

    I also share the following with these applicants and other people who ask me for advice when they have to deal with a problem and they have to make decisions. I tell them that when they deal with a problem, as a leader they should already have ideas on what they should do. But then I tell them to do the following:
    1. IDENTIFY YOUR RESOURCES (you have done this Alberto)
    2. SEEK IMPUT FROM YOUR RESOURCES. I tell that they might be smart but that they are not as smart as all these resources combined together. Tell them what the problem is and tell them some of things you think you should do. But then ask them “What Do You Think We Should Do?” Some of their ideas might not be good but some will be and they will come up with the solution. (This is what you are doing Alberto)
    3. WRITE UP A PLAN (write down the solution your resources gave you)
    4. FOLLOW-UP i.e. let’s meet in 3 weeks or 3 months to evaluate our progress, etc (Counselling with our Councils – Elder Ballard)

    Also regarding “making decisions”, the formula has already been provided. It includes “studying it”. This is what you are doing. You know the rest of the formula.

    Of course, it is easy to provide advice when you are not going through the process yourself.

    Take care.


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